Illinois Constitution Webquest´╗┐
Your task with this web quest will be to learn about the history of Illinois and the Illinois Constitution. The information provided in the lesson page section will answer most of the questions on the assignments. There are internet links that will provide the answers to the rest of the questions. This should be an enjoyable way of learning these facts.

The web quest is broken down into 10 lessons. Each lesson has reading and web links that will help you answer the questions. Please do the lessons in order and remember to put your name on your packet. Some of the answers will not be in the reading. You can find these answers by looking at the links provided. illinois-outline.gif

Now it is time to get to work on the assignments. Click on the lesson that you need to complete and remember that you are to complete the lessons in order. Click on the links below to find the study guide for each lesson. Complete the worksheets for each lesson using the online study guide. If you can not find the answer in the online study guide, try looking it up on the Internet using the links provided at the end of each study guide.

Good luck and have fun!